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  • Dress Code

    The Following is NOT Permitted

    • -Ball Caps
    • -White Tanks
    • -Overly Baggy Pants
    • -Sagging Pants
    • -Oversized Shirts
    • -Athletic/Sweat Pants
    • -Ripped/Tattered Clothing
    • -Especially Revealing Apparel
    • -Backpacks


    Overly intoxicated guests will be denied entry.

    Above code is to be followed at ALL TIMES. If we feel you are in violation of the policy at anytime you may be asked to leave.


  • Contact

    • user314 S Main St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

    • email info@rushannarbor.com

    • phone (734) 531-6187

    • phone Open Wednesday - Saturday, 7pm-2am